Born in 1957. Living in Västerås, Sweden.

I picked up my first camera as a 12 year old kid and it became my tool for story telling. In 2006 I started rock music photography and also got assignments as an event photographer. I still hang out at music clubs enjoying the music, but street and art photography is what I like the most. Sometimes I also take assignments for wedding photography. I have been photographing with all kinds of cameras, one of my favorites is the 500 Hasselblad, and when I travel somewhere I always have a camera with me.

Since a few years I also experiment with acrylic painting. I never thought I could draw a straight line before but now I even sell paintings.

Since almost two years I work as a medical photographer at Akademiska sjukhuset, one of the largest hospitals in Sweden.

Mail to: Tony Lif.



  • Street foto Karlsgatan 2 Västerås 2016
  • Konst- och Kulturrundan i Kolbäcksådalen 2016
  • Naturfotodagen i Västerås 2016
  • Societe KSK Gallery 2016
  • Konstrunda kolbäck 2016
  • Konst- och Kulturrundan i Kolbäcksådalen 2018